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Old Indian Trail is a short walk up the road. Your hike will start in the trees, with giant beech, oaks, and pines towering over you. It winds through and over what was formerly sand dunes. Although the trees seem as if they’ve been there forever, most of this area was logged off in the late 1800’s to rebuild Chicago and Peshtigo after the great fires that took place in each of those places on October 8th, 1871. Peshtigo remaining the deadliest wildfire in recorded history.

But back to your hike….this trail that travels of the dunes was originally used by native indians as access to Lake Michigan, and if you continue to follow it,  you will be rewarded with an amazing view of Lake Michigan. So back a lunch and a beach blanket and hit the trail…don’t forget to wear a swimming suit under your hiking clothes if you want to take a dip!

Note: You may want to bring your bug spray as the part of the trail that winds through the woods can be a bit buggy at times.


With 13 mainland trails to explore, you won’t want to miss Sleeping Bear Dunes! There are trails for everyone in this national lakeshore treasure, and every season offers a new perspective! So lace up your shoes, you won’t be disappointed.





If biking is your thing, there are some great places to ride in Northern Michigan! One local favorite is the Betsie Valley Trail. It is 22 miles long and runs between Frankfort and Thompsonville. Part of it is paved, and part of it is crushed gravel. It is a wonderful ride, where you will be sure to see tons of wildlife. If you start in Thompsonville, don’t forget to pack your swimsuit. While you are in Elberta, you can pop over to Elberta beach. A hidden gem!

There are many other trails to choose from, so pick one, pump up your tires, and head out!


Kayaking,  Canoeing,  & Tubing:

Looking to spend some time on the water? There are a lot of choices. Of course you are free to use the rowboat that came with the rental of your cabin. But if you brought a canoe or a kayak, you have a great list of options in addition to Long Lake. So put on your sunscreen and head out to the Platte River, the Betsie River, or one of the numerous area lakes. All can be great fun! If you don’t have your own equipment, there are several area outfitters that will set you up!