What’s your favorite flavor?


Hill Top Soda Shoppe:

This is a local hidden gem! Up on a hill off of US31 in Benzonia they make their own ice cream. They’ve come up with over 300 flavors in ten years and with every year that passes churn out new and old favorites. They sell their product at some other local locations, but you’ll want to stop by and taste some of their premium ice cream, sorbet, or perhaps one of their specialty products or coffee drinks. As there is always a breeze on the hill, it is a great place to sit outside, and cool off on a hot summer day!


The Dairy King:

Located in Beulah, on the east side of US31, the Dairy King is a summer favorite. They serve up ice cream as well as burgers, sloppy joes, and hot dogs, it is a great place to stop and get a quick bite to eat.


The Scoop of Frankfort:

This dedicated ice cream shop and candy store in downtown Frankfort will take you back to your childhood days…unless you are already still there. Serving Moomer’s ice cream as well as their own home made gelato, there is something for everyone!


Jomo’s Ice Cream Shop:

Located on Honor highway in Honor, Jomo’s is the place to go if you want an old fashioned banana split, a shake or a hand dipped cone! Their milkshakes are reportedly outstanding, and they even have a sundae for your furry pet friend!