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Rockin Eagle Cam!

Local Eagle Cam!

Have you checked out the local Eagle Cam? If not, you are in for a treat! Our local eagles (not sure if they have legal names, but we call them “Beulah” and “Honor” – have been building, rebuilding and utilizing this nest for several years.

They are fun to watch, and the great thing is, you can watch them from home – long after your vacation has ended. So tune in and check them out!

The Local Fire Report

Forest fires are no laughing matter. According to the Insurance Institute:

“As many as 90 percent of wildland fires in the United States are caused by humans, according to the U.S. Department of Interior. Some human-caused fires result from campfires left unattended, the burning of debris, negligently discarded cigarettes and intentional acts of arson. The remaining 10 percent are started by lightning or lava.”

And although it is highly unlikely that a wildfire in northern Michigan will be caused by lava, the same can’t be said for campfires.

It may be a rainy year where you are from, but that isn’t necessarily the case in Northern Michigan. So check the local fire report here: Local Fire Reportand always be sure to make sure your fire is completely out before you leave it! Remember, it only takes a second for the sparks to fly and hit those dry leaves nearby!

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Local Weather

Wondering what the weather is going to be like today?

If you are not sure what to wear – or how much sun screen to bring along as you plan your day, check out a local weather underground feed here: Weather Underground – Honor.

The weather changes frequently and sometimes dramatically here in Northeastern Michigan. So just because it is really beautiful right now, doesn’t mean it will be that way two hours from now.

Make sure you are properly prepared for whatever is to come, and if in doubt, stop and ask a local!

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